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2009-08-14 21:12:40 by AdrianSkydiver

I am looking for some Videos I can download, except I keep having Real Player Downloads, and not the Vista, Windows Media Player enabled Video Downloads.

I am also looking for some good ideas on Music, any one know any Music, The style (Explanation: A Lone Soldier charges at the Enemy defenses getting Shot at, "slow motion" the sky is dark, thunder roars over head, rain is coming down in heaps, mud dirty ground, soldier goes down, holding a picture of his beloved wife in one hand... and...) that style of music, Like Violin with guitar and some Sad Emotional style of background the kind that In the "Lord of the rings" The first volume, CD 1, Freudo watches as Ganandolf disappears into the abyss with the giant demon horned dragon.

I bean trying to find a style of Music for a Video I am making, And can not seam to Pinpoint the exact Song for when my Soldier crumbles to his Knees and the enemy troops begin to surround him and he looks down at the picture of his wife before croaking.

Any help, will be greatly Appreciated, Thanks!

Have a Nice Day now!

Adrian "the Sky Diver"

Music & Videos